slider / 4 February 2017

If you love good books then read the writings of David Avoura King, author of science fiction thrillers and non-fiction informational books.

Hitler Out Of Time
slider / 27 April 2016

Adolf Hitler has a time machine. Can two secret agents stop him before humanity changes forever? Agent Norton Blake has never known danger like this. Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is back in modern-day Europe, and he plans to use his time machine to travel to 1941 and win World War II. Blake and his partner Katrina race to find the dictator and his device, but when the timeline changes, they wonder if they’re too late. As a shift in reality takes place, Blake experiences the chilling repercussions of a Nazi victory. He and his partner have one chance to set the world back on the right path. Failure could literally lead to the end of civilization…