Hitler Out Of Time

27 April 2016

Adolf Hitler has a time machine. Can two secret agents stop him before humanity changes forever?

Agent Norton Blake has never known danger like this. Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is back in modern-day Europe, and he plans to use his time machine to travel to 1941 and win World War II. Blake and his partner Katrina race to find the dictator and his device, but when the timeline changes, they wonder if they’re too late.

As a shift in reality takes place, Blake experiences the chilling repercussions of a Nazi victory. He and his partner have one chance to set the world back on the right path. Failure could literally lead to the end of civilization…

What if Hitler had a time machine and won WW2? Do you love science fiction adventure or espionage and spy thrillers?

Hitler Out Of Time is high-tech suspense fiction which will thrill you and take you on an exciting journey through time, to the future, the past and a different world today. It’s a thriller with spies and espionage.

It’s a science fiction time travel novel about two MI9 secret agents, Norton Blake and Katrina Williams, trying to reverse Hitler’s Nazi World War Two victory back to our normal history, to stop the alternative history war victory by the Nazis.

Hitler Out Of Time www.hitleroutoftime.comThe Nazis invent a time machine in 1945 and send Hitler forward in time, but he ends up in 2015 instead of a few years ahead. He loses his memory, but eventually regains it and goes back in time.

The Nazis win WW2, creating a nightmare world in which Norton and Katrina are trapped. Can history be reset?

What if the Nazis invented a time machine during World War Two and Adolf Hitler had used that to travel in time to change the course of the war?

But what if the time machine was not quite perfected and the unintended result was that Hitler ended up in a different time to what he expected? And what if he then managed to accomplish what he needed to do by finding a way to go back in time and change history?

And what if only two people realised what had happened and were the only ones who could stop this new alternate reality?

There was a war of the worlds of Nazis and the Allies, an atomic war, where the Nazis developed the atomic bomb first, thus winning WWII.

Read this exciting new time travel science fiction alternate history thriller, with military intelligence secret agents Norton Blake and Katrina Williams and a few spy gadgets including an upgraded smartphone, Nazis, Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Hitler’s son Frederick, Martin Bormann; set in London, Berlin, New York and Paris.

Can the world be saved from a new Nazi Reich, or will it be doomed to be ruled by Nazis for 1,000 years — a new world order of an evil millennium?

Do you want to see Hitler rule over Europe, the USA and other parts of the world?

Or do you want to see Hitler and the Nazis defeated and the normal history returned?

You want to read how it could happen!

Read Hitler Out Of Time

You need to read this book to see just how Hitler could have won WW2! It is well known that Dr. Hans Kammler of the SS (who designed the gas chambers in the concentration camps) also worked on a secret project called die Glocke (the Bell) — maybe his work led to the building a time machine that Hitler could use to change history?

Hitler Out Of Time was first published in December 2015, and is available from all good ebook stores. It is a full-length novel, written in English with a few words/phrases in German, French and Japanese. It is safe for all readers as it contains no swearing nor sex scenes.

The book has its own website at www.hitleroutoftime.com

You can also find information at Goodreads.com at https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28169346._Hitler_Out_Of_Time

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