How to Travel Securely

Have you ever travelled somewhere and it did not turn out as you expected? Maybe you got mugged, lost your luggage, or the accommodation just was not up to standard? Or maybe you could not buy anything — either your money was stolen, your credit card did not work, or you could not change your own currency to the local currency?

I am sure many people have experienced that, and I am sure you do not want to go through those hassles — or you do not want to go through them again.

To summarise what you will learn from this book:

  • picking a good place to travel to
  • choosing accommodation wisely
  • travel money tips
  • keeping yourself safe
  • keeping your money and cards secure
  • things to watch out for in strange places
  • how to pack better
  • avoiding scams
  • health tips

I hope you benefit from reading this book. When you’re done, I would love it if you go back to where you bought it from and leave an honest review.